Majority of us are aware that location is key in Real Estate, along with crime stats, and neighborhood comps.  But what are some of the more invisible factors that influence sales prices?

– The view angle from the backyard

The maximum angle that opens up to scenery or nature from your backyard. This is measured from no scenic view at all from your backyard to 180 degrees, indicating that the view is scenic from every angle.

– Frontage length

The length in feet of the street-facing side of the home’s lot.

– Backyard exposure to neighbors

The measurement of how easily neighbors can see into a home and backyard


– Privacy

Researchers factored in backyard slope, distance to neighbors, home density, and other metrics to determine a privacy score. The more private, the more desirable.

– Backyard slope

Homes with downhill-sloping backyards tend to be more desirable than homes with backyards that slope uphill.

So, what’s your home worth?

Typically, you can look at what has sold in your neighborhood, a home similar to yours, of course, don’t go based on a home 2x bigger with granite tops and wood flooring when yours has carpet. But it still provides you a figure and that’s always a good start.

The next thing to do is just call me to set an appointment, and I can give you a better number by running a comparative market analysis on your home.

Don’t price your home wrong, if you do, it sits on the market for a long time and you end up having to lower the price anyways. You are decreasing your home’s value every day it’s active. Pricing is very important!! Sellers, don’t get insulted, sometimes the market isn’t where you think your home is worth and sometimes it is.

That’s it for now, hope this was helpful in some way.

Thanks for reading!

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