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5 questions Every home buyers should ask

Have you ever heard the saying, ” there are no stupid questions”? Well, truth be told, when it comes to Real Estate you should be asking a ton of questions. I love when my buyers ask me a bunch of questions, hell sometimes they ask me things I’ve never been asked before. It’s great because it teaches me something new and reminds me that you can never know it all.

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Short Sales or Foreclosures…what’s better?

Short sales or foreclosures…what’s better? Life can be tough especially when it comes to finances. Uncertainty can affect the most creditworthy person. You lose your job, terminal illness, divorce, the list can go on and on. It happens to a lot of people. Nobody wants to default on their home loan on purpose and lenders understand that. They know there

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Parents to the rescue, helping their kids buy home

Parents to the rescue, helping their kids buy homes. It’s no secret that housing affordability is so insane for the majority of us in the bay area.So much so, even a lot of “high earners” still find themselves struggling. Although the housing market is a little slow ATM rent prices are still at historical highs. Did you know: In San

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Glamping at Ventana

glamping at ventana In January, my friend Larissa posted on Instagram a cute picture of her at a glampsite and I knew then I had to go. I basically googled wtf is this “glamping” thing and why didn’t I know about it? I immediately realized it’s everything I’ve been looking to do for my birthday with my boyfriend. We ended

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What to do at Roaring Camp

What to do at roaring camp Hi guys, Do you like the redwoods? Do you like the beach? Would you like to go on an easy hike? Ok so basically this place would be perfect for you. The place I’m referring to Roaring Camp in Felton, CA. My boyfriend and I plus some friends made our way to the beautiful

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