24 hours in lake tahoe

Sometimes there isn’t enough time to be somewhere for too long because you can’t get the time off work or you can’t find anyone to watch your cats. It happens to everybody once in a while and before you stress tf out I want to share with you that you can make anything fun and memorable …

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4 steps to stick to your goals

4 Steps to Stick to your goals hi, Setting goals for a whole year may seem intimidating. Some of you may have a million while others have none. Don’t get caught up and stress yourself out trying to accomplish unrealistic goals. I know from experience that having so many goals can get overwhelming and you …

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Glamping at Ventana

glamping at ventana In January, my friend Larissa posted on Instagram a cute picture of her at a glampsite and I knew then I had to go. I basically googled wtf is this “glamping” thing and why didn’t I know about it? I immediately realized it’s everything I’ve been looking to do for my birthday …

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