Damaris Sanchez

48 hours in San Diego

I knew Tyler and I needed a mini-vacay and while I was searching for the right place, San Diego came to mind because I had just seen some bloggers, I follow post about all these cute places. I found well-priced flights from Southwest and a cute Airbnb in Mission Hills that I highly recommend (click …

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What to do at Balboa Park

Listen, I’m not going to give you any bull crap and hype something up I don’t fully like. So, you can expect nothing but honesty from me about this. Balboa Park is so big, you really have no idea until you’re there, so tip number one brings comfortable shoes. I made the mistake of bringing 1.5-inch boots and I was

Cute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

So before I share my awesome cute gift ideas for your lovely mother, I want to share a quick little story about my relationship with my mom. It’s a good one and I promise it won’t make you cry…maybe.

Best months to sell your home

You know when everything aligns just perfectly, and you can’t help but smile about it? That’s basically what’s happening for sellers this Spring.

5 questions Every home buyers should ask

Have you ever heard the saying, ” there are no stupid questions”? Well, truth be told, when it comes to Real Estate you should be asking a ton of questions. I love when my buyers ask me a bunch of questions, hell sometimes they ask me things I’ve never been asked before. It’s great because it teaches me something new and reminds me that you can never know it all.

24 hours in lake tahoe

Sometimes there isn’t enough time to be somewhere for too long because you can’t get the time off work or you can’t find anyone to watch your cats. It happens to everybody once in a while and before you stress tf out I want to share with you that you can make anything fun and memorable …

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