About me


Hey, I’m Damaris Sanchez and first of all thank you for visiting my blog and wanting to get to know me more. I know first hand how valuable time is so thank you for taking some of yours to read this.

Real Estate-ing

So, I’m a Realtor® and have been for almost 6 years now and love it. The feeling I get when a deal closes and I see the joy in my buyer’s/seller’s face, it’s priceless. I started as an assistant to my mom who happens to be a Realtor® as well, she encouraged and inspired me to follow this path. I’m happy she did because it has become a fulfilling career. I care for all of my clients best interest before my own. I am an honest, hard-working, and tough negotiator and only getting better.


I am also Co-Founder of  PRIMITIVE O.N.E We sell high-quality premium CBD products. Tyler, my fiancé was having some major back problems and later found out it was a lot worse than he imagined. So now I am doing this as well and it has been amazing and equally rewarding. Again, I love helping people and we have helped so many with pain management, skin conditions like eczema, rashes, burns, inflammation, stress, anxiety, and even PTSD. 


So you now know some basic stuff but I think you should know more, like my birthday, favorite food, hobbies, etc. I was born on August 18th, 1992. I started drinking coffee around 10 years old and listening to heavy rock music. I was in a church choir until my piano/singing teacher told me I was tone-deaf. I play the guitar as well but not as often as I use too. I used to be a major tomboy and thought I could be a pro skateboarder even though I can barely balance on one. 

I am obsessed with Nirvana and Lady Gaga like you can’t imagine. I’m sooo nice it’s kind of annoying to me especially when some people don’t deserve it. I was voted sweetest senior in high-school which is where I met my now fiancé. We’ve been dating for 11 years this December 16, 2019. 

I love to eat sushi and go on easy-ish hikes, I love good tv and all sorts of movies. My hobbies vary on my mood. 

I started blogging because I’ve always loved writing, I actually started writing songs and poems around 9 years old. I used to write Valentines Day poems for friends in high-school. I also wrote and composed this little song called, “Sometimes” when I was 15 years old. My mom actually drove me and sister down to L.A to record it in a studio. It was pretty much then and there I realized my career as an artist was not really something I wanted. Nonetheless writing stuck hence blogging. 

I fell in love with photography after watching Spider-Man (the Toby McGuire) one. I remember dragging my sister out to model so I can get some shots in. I’d take pictures of anything I thought was cool looking. Eventually, I started dressing a little more “cooler” and started getting my own pictures taken. When Instagram first started, I began posting more of my outfits, life, food, anything really and it just kept on growing. 

I got to combine my love for writing and photography into this blog. Sharing my life experiences, still able to help in any way whether that’s through selling you a house, selling you a CBD product, sharing style advice, or just overall sharing advice on how to do something that can benefit you personally. In the end, I am still helping in one way or another which is awesome.

Ok, I’m done.

I think that’s enough for now, I hope you get what I’m all about. Overall, just a genuine person who wants to bring good to people.